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Experience the thrilling debut! Join Orcaman, the superhero defender of Puget Sound, in an epic battle for goodness, adventure, and the environment. Dive into a world of vibrant art and captivating storytelling. Get your copy of The Adventures of Orcaman Issue #1 now and be part of the action!


The Adventures of Orcaman Issue #1 is an exciting comic book that follows the story of a superhero who is dedicated to preserving all that is good in the Puget Sound. Orcaman is an advocate for goodness, social discourse, courtesy, and environmental causes who stands for having fun and adventure. With vibrant artwork and an exciting plot, this comic book is sure to capture the imagination of readers of all ages. Pick up your copy of The Adventures of Orcaman Issue #1 today, and experience the adventure!

The Adventures of Orcaman! Issue #1

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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